THE Glasses Are Inspired by the Discovery of the Fullerene C60 Molecule

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the scientists Kroto, Smalley and Curl in 1996 for the discovery of fullerene C60, a molecule of the Fibonacci’s icosahedral symmetry structure. Fullerene C60 is the third allotropic form of carbon in addition to graphite and diamond, and has the identical, universal symmetry of biological structures and of the whole universe, which has dodecahedral symmetry, according to Plato.

Hyperharmonization of Light

THE® Glasses are based on the C molecule, generating unique, powerful and beneficial 60 hyperlight with ideal dynamics at the level of quantum energy and information. Interacting with the C60 molecule, which is “alive” and twisting/vibrating/rotating at an incredible 18 billion times per second, photons from any light source take on a quantum torus arrangement in conformity with the rule of the golden ratio. The quantum hyperlight of the ideal symmetry, which is identical to certain biostructures, directly interacts with biomolecules (particularly clathrin in the brain) and transmits both optimum energy and optimum information at the cellular level. The transfer of energy and information of hyperharmonized light to the disturbed energy structures of biomolecules leads to regeneration of their natural functions, leading to harmonization and healing.

The Influene of Light on the Brain

Light regulates the levels of hormones in the brain, i.e. the circadian rhythm. The Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2017 was awarded to scientists Hall, Rosbash and Young for this discovery.

 Glasses enable users to regenerate biomolecules and biostructures in a unique way, maintaining optimum bioprocesses in the eyes and brain. The result is a psychophysical balance – we see better, we feel better, we think better, we are more productive and more successful. All this makes the choice of these glasses necessary, reasonable and intelligent for each individual.

Golden Ratio - Universal Law of Harmony and Beauty

Leonardo da Vinci recognized that geometry is based on divine proportions (the law of nature inserted into the rule of Golden Ratio), and constitutes the foundations of the laws of harmony and beauty. The Golden Ratio is as well the principle by which biological structures get into spatio- temporal interaction with Quantum Hyperlight, thus achieving the resonant transfer of energy and information regenerating the organism at the quantum level.

See better • Feel better • Think better • Perform better

Transformation of Light

THE® Glasses reduce hazardous UV and blue rays coming from any source of light. Due to the dual nature in regulating the quantity of light passed through, THE® Glasses are unique and without competition in the global market. THE® Glasses have the ability to: Due to the dual nature in regulating the quantity of light passed through, THE® Glasses are unique and without competition in the global market. THE® Glasses have the ability to:

Decrease excessive sunlight, thereby protecting the eyes.

Increase the missing energy of desirable wavelengths (in artificial light sources), transforming harmful wavelengths into desirable ones.

Such unique, quantum hyperlight is optimal, effective and healthy for the eyes and brain, for the harmonious and healthy functioning of the organism.

Feel Better. Live Better

Quantum Hyperlight Optics® lenses of unique features and superior quality are made by using Swiss technology and they are much more than ordinary lenses: they are designed for better human health, better cognitive abilities, better looks and better quality of life. In this way, they contribute to our mission.

Quantum Hyperlight Optics® lenses are coated on both sides with the finest protective layers. They are easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and have a long lifespan. Quality production of the lenses and frames make Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear® glasses a cutting-edge and elegant product. 

THE® Glasses are not just for seeing better, but also forfeeling better. They are an experience by themselves. I recognize their magical effect. It is like a dance of passion and vision of the unity of the body, soul and totality. THE® Glasses have changed my experience of the world and have brought me an overall boon. When I use glasses I have the same feeling as when I’m in love.

Patented nanotechnology based on fullerene C60 and the discoverie of hyperharmonized and hyperpolarized light have won 7 prestigious international awards.